The Business Plan Network is a unique business opportunity that offers a low cost, risk free entry in to the field of business plan development and growth. Working under the reputable brand of both the Business Plan Network and the Business Plan Writer, you will be fully trained and supported to identify and deliver business plan writing opportunities.

That said not everyone is right for the Business Plan Network.

Establishing and running any business requires effort, determination and above all else a strong desire to succeed. The Business Plan Network is no different but, with our comprehensive training, ongoing support and lead generation service, you have all the proven tools and techniques at hand to run a profitable business plan consultancy, even part-time.

To succeed as a professional business plan consultant it is not necessary to have previous business planning experience, however previous exposure to SMEs and the business sector would be a distinct advantage. In addition, and based on our extensive experience of working with business advisers and consultants, the most successful tend to have the following personal characteristics:

• Confident, driven and self-assured
• A good listener and natural communicator
• Excellent analytical skills and good aptitude for figures
• Efficient time management skills
• Well-organised and able to keep to deadlines
• Very client-focused at all times
• The determination, self-belief and commitment to purposively generate new business


Does that sound like you?


That said as a prospective associate, you will go through a selection process to ensure you are a good fit i.e. share the same values, practices and ethics as the Business Plan Network – especially as you will be out in the field representing our brand.


Your Personal Investment


To engage in the Business Plan Network opportunity requires a financial investment currently starting at £6,995. In view of the comprehensive training and support you will receive, coupled with the potential return on investment you could expect over the coming years, we feel this is very modest.

The market reach and opportunity for your own business plan consultancy is huge. There were an estimated 4.9 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2013, an increase of 102,000 compared to the start of 2012. (Source: Department for Business Innovation and Skills, October 2013) In fact 2013 showed the highest growth in the UK business population since records began in 2000.

In addition and after having been fully trained, running your own business plan consultancy requires little if any on-going investment. Your overheads are minimal and you can even work full time, part time or at hours that suit your current commitments.


Your Return on Investment


The speed of return on your investment will of course be determined by several factors including how much time you devote to actively sourcing leads, completing projects and the fees you set clients.

Business plan fees can often range from between £500 to £3000 (depending on the detail and requirements of the client), however as a rough guide if you were to charge a minimum of £1,000 for each business plan, completing only two a month, then you could earn £24,000 working part-time.

To further explore the opportunity offered by the Business Plan Network call us today on 0800 044 3744 or alternatively please complete the contact form and one of our management team will be in touch.