We have listed below the most frequently asked questions about the Business Plan Network opportunity. If you have any further queries or would like to talk to us direct please call 0800 044 3744.


Who can join the Business Plan Network?

Anyone – the Business Plan Network opportunity is open to individuals of any age and from any business background. Whilst it is not necessary to have business plan writing experience, you will of course have the drive, determination and tenacity to both act on and fully implement our comprehensive training and support.

The Business Plan Network would particularly suit business coaches, advisers, accountants, IFAs etc, looking for a financially viable change of career, or who simply wish to include an additional income stream to their current service provision.

What training will be given?

Fundamental to each of the Business Options you can choose from is a comprehensive training package covering all aspects of becoming a professional business plan consultant. The training has been specifically designed and divided in to three core modules of support to ensure your business is established and generating new leads and clients as quickly as possible.

We believe that just as much emphasis (if not more) should be placed on how best to market and generate business plan writing leads, and so much of the residential training will focus on this aspect – as well as how best to write professional and 'funder friendly' business plans.

In addition you will also benefit from Business Plan Network's founder, Andrew Ludlam, direct counsel, experience and "real world" advice.

For full and detailed training information please visit the Business Support page.

When and where is the training held?

The initial training is a two-day residential course held in London. We have a portfolio of preferred and professional training facilities we use depending on the number of attendees.

Follow-up training and support will then be provided by way of telephone and/or Skype, as well as email. However the duration of this on-going support will be dependent on which business option you have chosen to invest in.

Are any specific insurances or licences needed?

We recommend you acquire Professional Indemnity insurance (also known as professional liability insurance, PI insurance or PII). This covers you if a client or third party makes an allegation of, or claims against you for, professional negligence. Fundamentally this of course also provides any client with the assurance you are a professional consultant.

In addition you may need to register with the Data Protection Act 1998, as you will be handling client information. However in both of these cases we can fully advise you in this regard.

How much could I earn?

As with any successful business, your income will depend on your effort, dedication and how much time you are willing to commit to driving your business forward.

Fees for a business plan can often range from between £300 to £3000 (depending on the detail and level of funding required), so you should expect to earn a very good income either full or part-time – and at hours to suit. However we hope that the information on this website is inspiring you to want to discover more about this very unique business opportunity!

Is the Business Plan Network a franchise?

No the Business Plan Network is not a franchise.

This has several key benefits: you are not restricted or tied to any specific geographic or territorial location. You get to keep 100% of any income you generate. Similarly there are no monthly ongoing license fee charges or costs. You simply pay a one-off fee.

What does the Business Plan Network cost?

The cost of the Business Plan Network is dependent on which business option you decide to invest in. For reference the Practitioner Level starts at £6,995 and the Master Level at £10,995. For more information please visit the Business Options page.

That said, whichever level you choose you will benefit from:

  • A successful and proven business model
  • Huge market potential
  • A trusted and expert brand
  • Comprehensive advice, guidance and training
  • Marketing support and lead-generation opportunities

The essence of our business proposition is that we can tailor a business option that best suits your ambitions, aspirations and the amount of investment you have available.

What is the next step I should take?

To further explore the opportunity offered by the Business Plan Network call us today on 0800 044 3744 or alternatively please complete the contact form and one of our management team will be in touch.

We can then provide more detailed information. No hard sell, no sales pitch, just a formal chat. If we then feel becoming a successful Business Plan Consultant is right for you, we will invite you to an exploratory meeting with our MD.