The Business Plan Network will provide you with expert advice, guidance and support you need to run a thriving business plan consultancy business. This is a "real world" business opportunity based on a successful and proven model.

With a more buoyant economy, greatest access to funding streams and company formations at an all-time high there has never been a better time to start up as a business plan writing consultant.

The Business Plan Network provides two business support packages to choose from: the Practitioner Level and the Master Level. Each option is centred on one core outcome: to enable you to start and grow a thriving practice. However the level of on-going support available is commensurate with your level of investment.



package-1Option One – Practitioner Level


The Practitioner Level provides you with the hands-on training, tools and know-how to set up and run your business plan consultancy.

After a comprehensive 2-day residential training course, whereby we "lift the lid" and reveal every aspect of how to write business plans, work with clients as well as effectively market your new practice, as part of your investment you also benefit from on-going support from the Business Plan Network.

For the next three months we will provide you with regular telephone consultations and email support to ensure you are on track and implementing the advice received. In addition we will also provide you with follow-up 1:1 business support days.




Option Two – Master Level


The Master Level option also gives you with the tool, techniques and support you need to set up a thriving business plan consultancy. However the Master Level also provides you with a series of exclusive business development assets:

  • Six months hands-on practical coaching support, plus;
  • Access to our proprietary Online and Offline Lead Generation Service

 We believe that it's this module of support – our bespoke lead generation service – that really makes the Business Plan Network a unique business opportunity above anything else in the marketplace.

As part of your investment – and our commitment to helping you succeed – the Business Plan Network will also supply you with qualified leads. In other words, you can expect to receive almost all of your investment back within six months.

That's not all, invest in the Master Level and the Business Plan Network will also design and build your very own website. Therefore you can supplement any marketing activities with a professional and expert online presence, for the lifetime of your business.

Here is a broad overview and comparison between the two levels of support:


Business Plan Network – Business Options Comparison Chart


  • Module 1 – Two-Day Residential Course
  • Module 2 – Coaching Support
  • Module 3 – Lead Generation Service
  • Practitioner Level

  • *
  • Master Level

  • *

*Practitioner Level provides 3 months coaching support. Master Level provides 6 months coaching support.

For comprehensive and detailed information on the business support available at both Practitioner and Master Level please visit our Support page