Module 1

The Business Plan Network provides its members with comprehensive training and support covering all aspects of becoming a professional business plan consultant. The training has been designed and divided in to three specific core modules of support to ensure your business is established and generating new leads and clients as quickly as possible.


Initial Business Training – Two-Day Residential Course


You will benefit from a comprehensive two-day residential business training course in London personally delivered by the Business Plan Network MD, Andrew Ludlam. This is often delivered one-to-one so you can specifically benefit from Andrew's counsel, experience and "real world" advice of working with business owners for last 10 years.

You will be introduced to the exact methods required for preparing and writing detailed, professional and "funder friendly" business plans. You will also receive copies of successful business plans which you can then model.

In addition you will also gain comprehensive guidance and instruction on how best to work with clients, structure your fees, examples of winning proposals and much, much more.

The success of any business ultimately thrives on its ability to generate clients. Therefore much of the training will focus on marketing and promotional activities to help you actively source and gain best-fit clients both online and offline. The residential training will "lift the lid" on exactly what works and how best to gain and promote your services to prospective clients.

You will also receive a comprehensive portfolio of marketing and lead-generation materials to useto establish and grow your business. This includes template sales letters, email shots and letters of introduction

Here is just a very small sample of the topics covered in the training:

  • Discover the exact steps and methodology to create professional business plans
  • The right questions to ask clients to ensure you get paid the right fees
  • How to ensure the client does most of the work up-front
  • How to write proposals that 'close' the deal
  • How to work with clients: the good, the bad and the frustrating
  • How to position yourself as a professional and credible business plan consultant
  • How to create a sustainable marketing system that attracts clients

Ultimately at the Business Plan Network residential course you can expect two intensive days of deep, detailed – and fun – guidance and training to set you on the road to becoming a high-earning and successful business plan consultant.