Module 2 - On-Going Business Development Programme


Having completed the initial two-day residential training, we move to Module 2: a truly intensive business development programme, specifically geared towards accelerating the growth of your business in those first important months.

As part of our on-going support the Business Plan Network will provide you with regular telephone consultations and email support to ensure you are on track and implementing the advice received. In addition we will also provide you with follow-up 1:1 business support days*

*The duration of Module 2 will depend on which Business Option you choose to invest in. Please refer to our detailed overview here, however for reference:

  • Module 2 Practitioner Level – Duration 3 months
  • Module 2 Master Level – Duration 6 months


Monthly Telephone Consultations


This is where the work really starts as we focus on growing and developing your business plan consultancy together. Each 90 minute telephone consultation will be part discussion and part instruction. This will help to ensure that your business gains the necessary momentum in those first critical months and will greatly assist in dealing with the normal issues encountered with any business start-up.

We will use our 1:1 consultations to discuss your progress and any immediate challenges – plus – how best to work with clients, further tips and strategies on writing business plans, marketing and business growth advice, as well as any other issues that come to the light during the daily course of developing your new business. In other words, you'll get answers and direction literally on an almost ongoing basis.


Unlimited Email Support


There will be times between your telephone consultations where you might need to run something by us, bounce some promotional ideas around or generally need some direction and motivation. For this reason we will provide unlimited email support for the first three to six months.

The Business Plan Network genuinely wants you to feel that you have our full support at all times – and more importantly – can get hold of us, as and when you need to.


1:1 Business Support Days


Another critical part of the Business Plan Network support is access to our 1:1 business support days. These give us the opportunity to meet face-to-face to cover every facet of your business development.

We can review your progress to date, as well as focus and course-correct your approach, if needed. Most importantly it affords you the rare opportunity to work directly 'on' your business as opposed to 'in' your business; away from the day to day distractions and demands of running your own consultancy.

The face-to-face meetings are the perfect opportunity for us to really see how your business plan consultancy is developing. Nothing is off limits. We can use it to review your promotional materials, activities, business development strategies. Each meeting will last for at least 6 hours and is held in London.

Even as a stand-alone package of support, Module 2 is an incredibly comprehensive. It will afford you the perfect opportunity to gain on-going peer-to-peer support in those critical first months, as well enable you to take stock, re-assess your business development. More importantly it will make you accountable, so that your new business plan practice grows from strength to strength.


In Summary


Below is a summary overview of the Module 2 available depending on which Business Option you choose to invest in:


Module 2 – Business Development Programme


  • Monthly Telephone Consultations
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 1:1 Business Support Days
  • Practitioner Level
    (3 month duration)

  • 3 calls
  • Unlimited for 3 months
  • 1
  • Master Level

    (6 month duration)

  • 6 calls
  • Unlimited for 6 months
  • 3