Module 3 - (Master Level Only)

Online and Offline Lead Generation Service


If you decide to invest in the Master Level business option, then in addition to our two-day residential course and x month's one-to-one support, we will also provide you with:

  • Access to our exclusive Lead-Generation Service
  • A fully functional bespoke website

We believe that this module of support – our bespoke lead generation service – is what really makes the Business Plan Network a unique business opportunity above anything else in the marketplace.


Lead-Generation Service


As part of your investment and our commitment to helping you succeed, the Business Plan Network will also supply you with qualified leads.

So not only will you gain the tools and techniques needed to generate your own clients, we will actively pass on any suitable enquiries to help you gain some immediate traction for your new business.


How We Get Leads:


The Business Plan Network owns and runs a number of professional business advisory websites. In addition, the company has established a series of referral partners both online and offline and has a strong social media presence.

We have many years' experience of generating and qualifying leads.

Therefore we can pass on any suitable and genuine enquiries; all you have to do is set your fee and 'close the deal'.


What You Can Expect:


Here's exactly how this works.

Once you sign-up for the Master Level, for the first six months we will pass on to you a minimum of five qualified leads. Now here's the really interesting part:

  • If you were to charge £1,000 for each business plan, you would receive £5,000 in fees;
  • If you were to charge £1,500 for each business plan, you would receive £7,500 in fees, and;
  • If you were to charge £2,000 for each business plan, you would receive £10,000 in fees.

In other words, you can expect to receive almost all of your investment back within six months.
So in addition to our intensive residential training course, on-going coaching support, your very own bespoke website (please see below), we will also supply you with leads!

(After six months we can continue to supply you with leads, however this will be on a cost per lead basis and we would be happy to discuss this further after the initial 6-month time period is up)

And there's even more.


Bespoke Website


In addition to accessing our lead-generation service, the Business Plan Network will also design and build your very own website. This means that you can supplement any marketing activities with a professional and expert online presence, for the lifetime of your business.
Your website will be designed in keeping with an online model we know works both in terms of style and structure, as well as helping to establish yourself as a credible business plan consultant. Included in this package of support our IT team will:

  • Populate the website, where relevant, with content that is unique to you
  • Ensure the website is SEO-friendly such that the key words people are searching for online (e.g. "business plan writer Essex") are included in all Title tags, Meta tags and page titles
  • Sync any new or existing social media accounts to your dedicated website
  • Host the website for you
  • Be on-hand to directly answer any queries you have regarding the website

Module 3 comprehensively compliments and supplements the support you will have already received from Modules 1 and 2, so that as well as receiving the training, tools, support and insight required to run a successful and profitable business plan consultancy business – we will ensure you have access to leads and a professional online presence from day one!
All you need to do is actively implement the advice and diligently focus on driving your business forward.


In Summary


Below is a summary overview of the Modules available depending on which Business Option you choose to invest in:

Business Plan Network – Business Options Comparison Chart


  • Monthly Telephone Consultations
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 1:1 Business Support Days
  • Practitioner Level

  • *
  • Master Level

  • *

*Practitioner Level provides 3 months coaching support. Master Level provides 6 months coaching support.

To further explore the opportunity offered by the Business Plan Network call us today on 0800 044 3744 or alternatively please complete the contact form and one of our management team will be in touch.